20 QUESTIONS TO LEARN MORE ABOUT AUDESSEY’S MUSICAL WORLD (Version française disponible page 1)

The Atlanta emcee Audessey is not a newcomer in the rap game. Since the end of the 90’s, he released with his first group Mass Influence, 2 albums Live From Mitchell Street (1998), The Underground Science (1999) and several 12″ but it’s with his other band Soundsci (with Oxygen, UGeorge and producers Jonny Cuba et Ollie Teeba) that he realized these last years 2 albums Formula 99 (2012) et Soundsational (2013), 2 EPs Dig for Victory (2009), The Ultimate (2013) and some 12″. He also collaborates on other projects like Beats per Minute EP (2014) with A Cat Called Fritz or with Gutter Snypes and Hoxie for their respective 7″. A rapper with an undeniable talent proving that Hip-Hop quality still has a bright future.

01. First record(s) bought?
– Muhammad Ali The Greatest OST (1977 – Arista)
– Sugarhill Gang Rapper’s Delight 12″ (1979 – Sugar Hill Records)

02. First concert(s)? 
Hmm… It was a Hip-Hop show in Maryland with Public Enemy, L.L.Cool J, UTFO, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince and Run DMC.

03. First mixtape(s) bought ou downloaded mix(es)?
I used to spend my summers in Irivington, New Jersey with my grandmother and I used to record the mixes from DJ Red Alert and Marley Marl on their respective radio shows. I also used to get tapes from the street vendors and bring them back home to Virginia.

04. Last record(s) bought?
Emskee & E The Fifth The Marc Smith LP (2013 – Diggers With Grattitude)

05. Last concert(s)?
November 2013, The Hop Stew Show that had Stahhr, John Robinson, Ekundayo, J-Live, 4-Eize, Liuns Den, Teabag the Herbalist, DJ Dug Boogie and DJ Fudge.

06. Last mixtape(s) bought ou downloaded mix(es)?
The Hop Stew Mixtape (comes out every month).

07. Last favorite record(s)?
Main Source Breaking Atoms (1991 – Wild Pitch Records)O.C Times Up (1994 – Wild Pitch Records)Organized Konfusion (anything), A Tribe Called Quest (anything), Madvillian, Diamond D (anything by DITC), The Roots (anything), GangStarr (anything) and early GangStarr Foundation material (Group Home, JeruThe Damaja).



08. A emcee?
I am an emcee… Been writing rhymes since I was 13 years old. Early influences were Kool Keith, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, Just Ice, KRS-ONE just to name a few.

09. A rap group?
I have been lucky enough to be a founding member of Mass Influence and also of Soundsci.

10. A Dj?
DJ Premier

11. A rap producer?
Large Professor

12. A rap 12″?
Organized Konfusion Stress: Extinction Adgenda (1994 – Hollywood BASIC) or A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Mauraders (1993 – Jive)

13. A rap album?
GangStarr Hard to Earn (1994 – Chrysalis)

14. A featuring?
Organized Konfusion Stress Remix featuring Large Professor (1994 – Hollywood BASIC) or Das EFX Jussummen Pete Rock Remix (1992 – EastWest Records).

15. A sample or a breakbeat?
Melvin Bliss Synthetic Substitution (1973 – Sunburst Records). It’s when I heard Ultramagnetic MCs Ego Trippin (Original 12 » Version).

16. A label?
Hip-Hop (WorldExpo Records) W.E. Make Records!!!

17. A record sleeve?
Organized Konfusion Stress: Extinction Adgenda (1994 – Hollywood BASIC) or A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Mauraders (1993 – Jive)

18. A music video?

19. A rap lyric?
Oxygen on Entrapment (2014 – WorldExpo Records)
« Sidesteps don’t work believe me I tried it »

20. A Hip-Hop object or accessory?
My studio equipment!