Since 2000, he brought his DJ skills and production talent on several UK Hip-Hop projects, working with artists like Truck, Whilwind D, Hundred Strong. On his label AE Productions, he has also collaborated with US emcee Phill Most Chill on the Superfunk Inc. 12″ and distributed Disco Machine EP by Jorun Bombay and PMC. Mr Fantastic is a true vinyl lover who continued to promote quality Hip-Hop through his own label and his musical productions.


01. First record(s) bought?
First record purchased I think was Beastie Boys She’s On It/Slow & Low 7″ (1985 – Def Jam Recordings) in 1985. I don’t actually have that any more as it got snapped in about 1988 and I’ve never yet found a replacement.

02. First concert(s)?
Surprisingly late. Not until the early 90’s when I saw British Rap crew Gunshot play in Bristol.

03. First mixtape(s) bought ou downloaded mix(es)?
Technically the first mixtapes I had were the Streetsounds Electro albums but as a mixtape in today’s terms I think it must be Bristol legend DJ Lynx (from 3PM). He ran things in Bristol with mixtapes back in the day.

04. Last record(s) bought?
Last few records I bought would be Anteek Recipes Hot Rhythm 7″ (2014 – Dusty Platter), Poets Of Rhythm Anthology LP (2013 – Daptone Records), The Mighty 388’s Hendrick’s Theme 7″ (2014 – Funk Night Records). A blistering modern funk 7″. Not as many as i’d like! haha!

05. Last concert(s)?
Pharoahe Monch in Bristol with DJ Boogie Blind on turntables. Easily one of the best MC’s still doing it and backed up by a world class DJ not just a stage prop DJ like so many others.

06. Last mixtape(s) bought ou downloaded mix(es)?
Can’t remember which order but either DJ Format – Fleamarket Funk mix or Jorun Bombay’s Funkbox Reload February Edition. Fleamarket Funk is a great blog with regular dope mixes. Last time I checked in there was a mix from my good friend DJ Format who never disappoints. Jorun’s mixes are available from his Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages and a couple other spots almost regularly and crammed with killer records torn to shreds in superior fashion.

07. Last favorite record(s)?
I’ve been listening to the Whitefield Brothers (Poets of Rhythm) under their many guises a lot recently and also DJ Format & Phill Most Chill The Foremost (2014 – Project Blue Book) simply the best Hip-Hop album in years!



08. A emcee?
Phill Most Chill. He’s the best MC’s around right now and will still pull out a killer verse at 130bpm! The fast rap king! Slightly biased due to working with him but i’m totally blessed to be working with such a legend.

09. A rap group?
Organized Konfusion. All 3 albums are classics to me. I would say Ultramagnetic MC’s as Critical Beatdown (1988 – Next Plateau) is my number 1 but the 2nd and 3rd albums had such a high standard to meet that they didn’t seem as good as they should be so overall i’ll pick Organized. Or Run DMC: The kings!

10. A Dj?
DJ Too Tuff from Tuff Crew. He made me want to scratch. Grand Master Flash made me want to DJ and rock the party but not until I heard DJ Too Tuff that I thought about scratching. Not only as a solo but rhythm parts and building a chorus and being a major part of the song.

11. A rap producer?
I have to say the legendary Paul C. Sadly no longer with us but imagine what incredible things he’d be doing now with modern technology. Everything he touched was incredible. A 2nd choice might be Mantronix – King of the tape edit!

12. A rap 12″?
Stezo To The Max/IT’s My Turn (1989 – Fresh Records) or Sir Ibu I’m The Peacemaker/Ibu Gets Lyrical (1989 – 4th & Broadway). Either of these are perfect rap 12″s. Faultless in every way.

13. A rap album?
Ultramagnetic MC’s Critical Beatdown (1988 – Next Plateau). Changed the way music was made with mainly samples, not only Hip-Hop but much further reaching.

14. A featuring?
One MC that I love to hear feature on other peoples tracks is Chali 2na from Jurassic 5. Such a unique voice and always delivers.

15. A sample or a breakbeat?
Maybe the Skull Snaps New Day (1973 – GSF Records) drum break as it been done so many times people would keep hearing me. The way that the compressor used on those drums that makes the clean hi hats increase in volume still amazes me.

16. A label?
One of the greats like Atlantic 67-75 if I can pick select years or maybe Blue Note with the long history. For a rap label Def Jam under Russell Simmons.

17. A record sleeve?
Organized Konfusion Stress: Extinction Agenda (1994 – Hollywood BASIC). My favorite album cover of all time! Matt Doo did incredible work and is such a shame that he’s no long with us.

18. A music video?
The Busta Rhymes one with the steamroller! That’s a great bit of video! Didn’t like the song though.

19. A rap lyric?
Anything by Kool Keith from Critical Beatdown (1988 – Next Plateau). He was so far ahead of his time it wasn’t recognized at the time. It blew me away back then and has the same effect now.

20. A Hip-Hop object or accessory?
An MPC – my MPC.

So hard to pick something but possibly the sequences from Aladdin’s On A Rampage (1989 – Priority Records) by Low Profile – Aladdin was incredible back then – so sharp and with mixers that were no where near how they are now. All line switch type cuts.