20 QUESTIONS TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SUPAFUH’S MUSICAL WORLD: (Version française disponible page 1)
Supafuh is playing multiple roles: He’s a beatmaker, a producer, a DJ, a radio host and also an emcee. Since the years 2000, he worked with the French emcee Pumpkin, the group Maniaco-Lyricistes and released many solo records where he puts a lot of his musical influences (jazz, boom-bap, trip-hop…). One of his last project named La Vie d’Artiste (live band, turntables/samplers and emcees) reworked the French singer Léo Ferré lyrical and musical universe.
01. First record(s) bought?
Some 7″ from my childhood… For sure, Téléchat (Disques Adès – 1983) or X-Or (Carrere – 1983) ahahah! Near 11-12 years old, Technotronic LP Pump Up The Jam (ARS Productions – 1989) and the single cassette of MC Solaar Victime de la Mode (Polydor – 1991)… Near 13-14 years old some maxi-CD of (Michael) Jackson for the remixes!
02. First concert(s)?
Lenny Kravitz, Rage Against The Machine, Hocus Pocus (On & On period), Nas…
03. First mixtape(s) bought ou downloaded mix(es)?
Some DJ Duke mixtapes from Lyon. Scratch Tapes by Crazy B and HipHop Soul Party by Cut Killer on CD (juste for Busta Flex rappin’ on Busta Rhymes Woo Hah!!! instrumental). The B-loo mixtapes from Nantes : Brooklyn vs Queens Bridge, RMX Overdosis and the Boot Camp special 🙂
04. Last record(s) bought?
– Michael Jackson Xscape (Epic – 2014)
– Moka Only Martian Xmas 2014 (Urbnet Records – 2014)
– Count Lazy & Funkbademeister Funklifesavers (Urban Waves records – 2014)
– Pete Flux & Parental Traveling Thoughts (Akromégalie Records – 2014)
05. Last concert(s)?
– Ben L’oncle Soul & Monophonics
– Chill Bump
– The Procussions
– St Lô
– Jungle Bouk
06. Last mixtape(s) bought ou downloaded mix(es)?
– Da Chaazz Jazzintape
– DJ Brasko et Nero Da Real Kickin’ Funkster
– Dandy Teru et Quiet Dawn French Toast
07. Last favorite record(s)?
The whole Moka Only discography!!!! I didn’t know this artist 3 years ago… Today, I’m trying to find or buy all his releases but he’s very prolific!!! I’m addict to this guy, it’s practically the only new Hip-Hop that I love! On a mainstream level, I really liked the last Justin Timberlake album: 7 minutes tracks in a Prince/Jackson neo vibe. Very impressive!
08. A emcee?
Guru: I love his simplicity, his discreet technique, not demonstrative and especially his inimitable voice. Guru had also demonstrated on solo that he was a complete artist with the Jazzmatazz serie!
09. A rap group?
IAM is the French rap group that influenced me the most, in particular with their albums …De La Planète Mars (Delabel – 1991) and L’Ecole du Micro d’Argent (Delabel – 1997)… Even if the rest of their career didn’t speak so much to me, they stay an exemple in terms of sense meaning and professionalism.
GangStarr symbolize the true essence of Hip-Hop: Straight, powerful, uncompromising as worthy heirs of the black American culture. DJ Premier is a minimal art prodigy!
10. A Dj?
Jimmy Jay for his cuts, the bests in French Rap history, his artistic creation and musical sense.
45 King looks so nice, down-to-earth and passionate. His cutting up science and his love for breaks honors Hip-Hop!
11. A rap producer?
For me, the Funk Mob produced (with Jimmy Jay) the best MC Solaar instrumentals. Their remixes and their House Music career (Cassius) are musical production references!
Pete Rock is the proof that sampling is an art… His signature is so present in his instrumentals that even a blown sample becomes a tribute … His flyin’ horns and killing basselines blew me away!
12. A rap 12″?
Venom Vigilantes feat. Blaq Poet (Marvel Records – 2012) was released in 2 versions, with one re=mixed by Primo (DJ Premier) himself! However, the 100% Marvel version (Venom, Azaia and MC Zombi) is for me a true French hardcore masterpiece with instrumentals that smashed the 2 emcees husky flow!
Quasimoto Microphone Mathematics (Stone Throw Records – 1999): Everything is perfect… Instrumentals, mixes, cuts, « I don’t give a damn » rap style, cover… A founding 12″ to my career.
13. A rap album?
MC Solaar Prose Combat (Polydor – 1994): A must…The French equivalent to Mecca And The Soul Brother (Elektra – 1992) of Pete & CL Smooth. All the tracks are great, the sound is here forever…A major recording in any musical styles.
Jazzy Jeff The Magnificent (Rapster Records – 2002): A fantastic album, a link between the 90’s and 00’s Boom Bap. The LP reveals Kev Brown as a co-producer, establishs Jazzy Jeff as a super producer and of course DJ (Transformer scratch)… The Philly soul delivered by talented guests gives to this record its timeless magic!
14. A featuring?
Guru feat. MC Solaar Le Bien Le Mal (Polydor – 1993): The meeting of my two heros. A must! The production blasts everything in an Acid Jazz mood which make me nostalgic 🙂
Supafuh feat. CL Smooth Acte De Foi/Act Of Faith (BCR Music – 2011): I had the chance and privilege to produce a track with the legendary CL Smooth! His verse is passionate, very personal, I was over the moon!!!!
15. A sample or a breakbeat?
Bob James Take It To Mardi Gras (CTI Records – 1975) [breakbeat]: This bells sound, the tom rolls, the sharp snare which groove to death… Incredible!
Tom Scott Today (Impulse! – 1967) [sample]: The sample of my favorite Hip-Hop track (Pete Rock & CL Smooth) T.R.O.Y. (Elektra – 1992)! I loved to find this sample… The Pete Rock cutting is so emotional! And the Tom Scott song is outstanding beyond the loop!
16. A label?
Stones Throw Records: catalog, image, concepts, artists, products… Everything is awesome!
17. A record sleeve?
Massive Attack Blue Lines (Wild Bunch records – 1991): This album is a timeless smack for me. Its industrial cardboard cover contains a raw and sophisticated mystery… The Trip-Hop secret!!!
18. A music video?
3 MC’s & 1 DJ by Beastie Boys: A lot of videos are cool, but I’m not very sensitive to video in general… When it’s about music, I prefer audio. I chose the Beastie Boys for their self-mockery and creativity! By the way, the sequence shot + live audio is sick!

19. A rap lyric?
MC Solaar Caroline (Polydor – 1991): Because it’s almost impossible to rap about love without being namby-pamby… Except for MC Solaar at his top career… He succeeds hands down to make the reference for a long time.
20. A Hip-Hop object or accessory?
SL 1200 MK2: The chrome which symbolizes the early 70’s/80’s… The technology of this turntable which makes it timeless… Its strength and minimalist elegance: A symbol of my artistic research.
Primo (DJ Premier) baby scratch and Mixmaster Mike Tweak Scratch! Emotional and punk cuts!